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New York’s sophisticated spots

VOLANTE Some of New York’s prime culinary destinations await customers’ return as the state sees its COVID-19 infections drop after weeks of lockdown. Lola Cristall has the low-down on numerous favourites




Eric Laignel
A glass act: memorable décor at the Grand Salon at the Baccarat Hotel


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

As New York cautiously reopens, some of its most elegant, luxurious and sophisticated locations are preparing to welcome the public back. There are so many delightful go-to destinations to look forward to when dining out resumes.



The Grand Salon at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City has a celebratory ambiance with stunning crystal chandeliers, lavish silk-covered walls and new majestic Maison Atia-designed faux fur seats. The two Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Kreuther has brought his culinary talent and savoir-faire to lure the crowd into a deliciously decadent escape. Kreuther makes a simple squash soup look seductive, while a delightful king salmon is delicately drenched in a champagne sauce. For those into a more refined texture and taste, the Alsatian Spätzle or quail terrine are the appetizing fares to turn to. For guests with a sweet tooth to fulfil, the real baba for two is certainly a treat; a soft cake is soaked in an aged rum and embraced by gold leaf and a housemate-whipped vanilla mascarpone. While a dinner experience is an escape into the chef’s world of elegance, the overall atmosphere is kissed by Baccarat’s excellence. With drinks served in Baccarat pieces, the full presentation is a flawless, eye-catching encounter.


Wild Ink at Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards contains a slew of boutiques, cafés and restaurants, making it difficult to choose one’s must-try hotspot. Diners can go wild for Asian-inspired creations by executive chef Peter Jin at Wild Ink located on the fifth floor of the spacious mall, a fun and lavish hot spot that lures a crowd of gourmands and guests intent on absolute ambiance, delectable dishes and phenomenal views. The surrounding design, created in partnership with Robert Angell, is luxurious, with stylish features including a serpentine bench design that divides the bar from the dining area, where wide windows overlook an eye-catching honeycomb design. Dim sum, delicious Peking duck, fried whole sea bass and a miso-based Cæsar salad are some of many options that infuse taste with appetizingly lavish presentation. For a celebratory lunar New Year, Wild Ink offered an exclusive menu offering red pocket vegan dumplings, Peking duck spring rolls and sesame balls with miso ice cream.
Francesco Sapienza



For a delectable European experience in New York, MarieBelle’s quaint designs and lavish home-like ambiance has locals and visitors returning for more. The much-celebrated chocolatier has an intimate chocolate boutique where chocoholics can choose amongst their most desired needs. Chocolate expert, Maribel Lieberman, opened her first boutique in Soho in 2002, and has continued to share and spread her knowledge as well as culinary expertise in the chocolate industry ever since. The European voyage begins with black-and-white pictures of Paris surrounding the walls, Italian music and the scent of freshly made crêpes. As one walks further into the aromatic shop, one tumbles upon a cosy café, offering guests a selection of hot chocolates, soups, sandwiches, quiches and crêpes, with tastes reminiscent of genuine Parisian cuisine. Whether a light lunch, afternoon tea or a luxurious breakfast, visitors can indulge in sugarless dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate or decadent white chocolate. The highly attentive staff become highly familiar with a guest’s palate, providing options to take the diner into a journey through a Parisian retreat.


Russian Samovar

From tastes, smells and ambiance of Europe, we turn to a taste of Russia at the Russian Samovar in New York. The restaurant and piano bar provide a fun and cosy setup where guests can enjoy good music and delicious cuisine surrounded by welcoming staff. The vast selection of plates range from soups and salads to poultry and seafood platters. For the more upscale experience, caviar can be enjoyed in home-made blinis. For those looking to experience a vodka extravaganza, their array of flavoured vodka ranges from savoury to sweet, including tarragon, mint, horseradish, cherry and mango.



For a sumptuous steakhouse experience, TBar offers diners a wide range of options. Located in a residential Upper East Side neighbourhood, the family-like ambiance is intimate and beautifully designed. •





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