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A calming environment at Bambara in Cambridge, Mass.

Delectable Boston

VOLANTE As Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, get back on track after COVID-19, Lola Cristall has her choices on where you can dine out




Claudiane Philippe
Michael Kleinberg
The Avery Bar at the Ritz–Carlton gets a new look, while the food remains top-notch


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Boston is being very cautious as it opens up some services during the COVID-19 pandemic, with face masks compulsory for those aged two and above. In the meantime, we’ve made our picks on where to go in and around the city when things return more to normality.


The Ritz–Carlton, Boston

The Ritz-Carlton, Boston has updated and renovated the Avery Bar, ensuring a laid-back, comfortable and tranquil environment. Walking into the hotel lobby, guests enter a cozy living room-like space. Along with a slew of cocktails and drinks made by a highly talented bartender, there’s an array of small bites from small savoury selections to sweet treats. As family and friends gather in the quaint atmosphere, it is considerably reminiscent of a homey escape, serving as the proper “home away from home”.



Brian Samuels Photography

The Bambara restaurant in Cambridge, minutes away from the centre of Boston, serves an appetizing selection of culinary creativity. Chef David Bazirgan and Adam, the executive sous-chef, offer internationally satisfying tastes to be enjoyed. Succulent kabocha squash falafel, flavoursome mushroom soup, warm hummus with za’atar oil, a home-made array of pastas, fresh vegetable options, as well as a perfectly cooked selection of seafoods and meats, make the perfect start before diving into a full range of pleasingly sweet dessert options that include a warm chocolate cake accompanied by passionfruit ice cream or a pleasant caramelized apple tart. As guests enjoy their appetizing meal, they can also enjoy Bambara’s serene and calm backdrop.


Brian Samuels Photography

Sandrine Rossi’s Colette, located in Cambridge’s Porter Square, is a fun all-day bistro offering typical French specialties, from an unconventional escargot preparation, drenched in a savoury basil cream sauce, a delectable onion soup with melted Gruyère cheese, to an exquisite mushroom-based vol au vent. The family-like ambiance is reminiscent of a Parisian bistro that lures a crowd of locals. Chef Cyrille Couet is the culinary talent behind the restaurant offering French cuisine with a twist.


Lucie Drink & Dine
Andy Ryan

Lucie, located at the Colonnade Hotel in Back Bay, has opened its doors to foodies and drink aficionados. Their menu provides many delectable options including hot garlic rolls, served in a small iron skillet, vegan curried squash soup with a coconut milk base, an array of fresh pizzas and well seasoned pastas, with gluten-free options, and main courses that fulfil any diner’s appetite. Their highly talented bartender creates cocktails that quench one’s thirst while appealing to the eye. For those with a sweet tooth, various sundae options are available—with a pencil in hand, you can choose the desired flavour, toppings and sauces in advance.


Atlantic Fish Co.

Walking into a cozy and sophisticated ambiance, the quaint Atlantic Fish Co. has the aroma of fresh seafood. The prompt service, family-like ambiance and delectable array of gourmet options certainly satisfied us. Their smooth vegan tomato soup, deliciously light lobster bisque, delectable Mediterranean branzino embraced by fresh vegetables, hearty fish and chips as well as pan-seared sea bass sitting atop a lobster cream sauce with tasty lobster ravioli for an extra touch of delicious flavor—each explodes with taste and creativity. Their sweet options are just as appetizing. From the citrus carrot cake with a touch of Grand Marnier orange reduction to their extravagant Boston cream pie, each bite is just as delicious as the next.


City Table

Tucked away in the Lenox Hotel in Boston, City Table’s casual setting is an appropriate location for family and friends to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, cocktails and a slew of dishes. Hot polenta fries, roasted romanesco cauliflower, grilled octopus and a simple bolognese have a combination of locally sourced ingredients.


Lulu Green

Lulu Green offers Middle Eastern delights in plant-based form in South Boston. Mary and Nada Lattouf, sisters, have reimagined appetizing creations to look and taste delicious, using healthy, guilt-free ingredients. Executive chef Brian Corbey is adamant in ensuring a deeply flavourful experience as he re-creates non-vegan dishes. Apart from food, Lulu Green offers a wide range of coffee and smoothie options, using locally sourced ingredients. The café atmosphere attracts vegans, vegetarians and even meat-eaters into the invitingly hip and chic atmosphere. •





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