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DS gets into the electric game: DS 3 Crossback, X E-Tense concept, DS 7 Crossback E-Tense

Smooth thinking

LIVING Whether it’s a smooth taste, a smooth ride, or a smooth design, Lola Cristall and Meg Hamilton have made a premium selection this month




Laurent Nivalle


Quiet mover
DS Automobiles has launched its 7 Crossback E-Tense 225, a cross­over with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The new model has a 180 PS petrol engine coupled with 110 PS from its electric motor, using a 13·2 kWh rechargeable battery. The car has various electric-only modes, and can be charged to full in a minimum of an hour 45 minutes. The car has a 12-inch central screen where features can be accessed. Sensors and cameras work with its active suspension to ensure a comfortable ride. Soundproofing and laminated glass help ensure that the DS 7 remains quiet on the move. Add Level 2 autonomous driving, night vision and driver attention monitoring, there’s plenty of high-tech features for the price.


Smooth as Velvet
Say hello to the latest in mobile technology and the avid photographer’s new best friend, the LG Velvet 5G. Seamless in functionality, the LG Velvet has the latest features in mobile camera technology, including features such as ‘waterdrop’, time-lapse, control–Steadycam and LED flash for those creative minds that have a love for visuals and mobile imagery. The main camera has a healthy 48 Mpixel depth. With a an easy-to-hold 6·8-inch, P-OLED Cinematic Fullvision screen, the LG Velvet offers ultimate freedom, with immersive mobile viewing which creates vibrant and better-than-ever images to be shared and enjoyed by many. This mobile is striking and elegant, with a sleek body design and curved corners that fit perfectly and smoothly into your hand, allowing you to go out into the world and capture all that you can with its amazing visual quality and timeless, dynamic design.—Meg Hamilton


A strong range
Master chocolatier, Karen Neugebauer (left), shares her knowledge of the chocolate world with the public with her Seattle-based artisanal Forté Chocolates creation, founded in 2006. Beautifully created truffles, an array of chocolate bars as well as an assortment of caramels are each delightfully made and sophisticatedly presented. Well paired ingredients include lemon and pepper in white chocolate, balsamic vinegar in white chocolate, and honey in dark chocolate.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor


Top choc
Lesaint French Chocolate offers chocolate fanatics a range of options that are truly delectable. Chocolatier Stéphane Lesaint obtained the Meilleur ouvrier de France (MOF) title, classified as France’s most acclaimed pastry chef. Lesaint has shared his culinary chocolate expertise in major hot spots including Hong Kong, Paris and New York. He uses high-quality ingredients with the least amount of sugar, including fleur de sel for a sweet and salty mélange. The wide selection ranges from bonbons and pavés to mendiants and barks. Each bite is a treat to the eye and a party for the taste buds. The elegant packaging makes a perfect gift for any occasion.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor


With the new wave of people now working from home, innovation is shining through with the constellation of design-driven brands that have come together to launch home-office furniture. The furniture, lighting and accessories by Knoll + Muuto speak to Scandinavian design and bring all the best elements of an office workspace into the comforts of people’s own homes. These designs, which are available for purchase online and can be delivered to your home, put ergonomics, seamless design and performance into the life of the everyday worker-from-home. There is comfort in the furniture designs, optimizing the way people will move in a working environment and tailoring those needs into high-functioning pieces that can be used timelessly. Their individualistic taste will suit even the most elementary at-home office.—Meg Hamilton






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