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Stay-at-home fitness: tips and tricks

BEAUTY Peter Minkoff has useful advice on staying fit for those who find themselves having to remain at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic




Peter Minkoff is a fashion and lifestyle editor at Trend Privé magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


No words can describe the full impact of the pandemic on the way we live our lives, but we have certainly had to change our habits and overcome a number of obstacles, to say the least. Keeping our sanity while we’re stuck at home, being productive, and doing our best to stay healthy and fit has all become so unbearably challenging. In the midst of it all, the contradicting information found in the media can only do further damage, so we start wondering if we’re doing anything right.

Even though many of us have had to adjust to working from home, all the while avoiding home-based exercise routines, it’s time to step up to that challenge as well. You don’t need an entire gym’s worth of equipment, nor do you need to cook every day to stay lean and resilient. Here are a few practical ideas to infuse your stay-at-home days with more fitness and well-being, from refining your nutrition, to implementing smart workout methods.


Organize your time properly

Before you leap right into those workout videos and protein shakes, this is where you begin: create a weekly schedule detailing your commitment to your training and your diet plan. When you write down all of your steps and make appointments with yourself, you are far less likely to miss a training session, skip a meal, or reach for fast food instead of your pre-made meals.

This will also make it much easier for you to plan your meals weekly and to cook only once or twice per week instead of preparing meals every day.


Hydrate regularly
Vova Krasilnikov/Pexels

Most of us rarely consider our water intake, especially at home, while it is, in fact, one of the most essential factors to help you succeed with your fitness goals. Whether you start using an insulated water bottle that will keep you hydrated while you work, or you actually take note of the number of glasses you drink per day, any strategy can work in your favor.

Practise consistency, make sure that you drink ample fresh spring water, and your appetite will also become easier to manage, while your body will make use of all the vital nutrients you consume in your diet.


Boost your protein intake
Having enough energy and maintaining your energy levels to pull off your training can be exceptionally difficult. This is particularly hard for newbie fitness lovers and those who have been on a long break from fitness in general. Add to that, if your diet is subpar, you can hardly expect your body to keep up with your goals. Most people, especially women, have a hard time consuming enough protein in their meals, so what you can do is introduce a tasty protein shake into your daily routine.

To make your protein shakes delicious and effective, you can rely on the best whey isolate protein that will give you that necessary protein boost, make you feel full for longer, and fuel your workouts. Protein will help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and keep your macronutrient intake in check, all the while simplifying your diet plan.


Versatile training programmes

No matter your body weight and your goal physique, training is a healthy way to invest in yourself, to push your limits, and to become more resilient over time. That’s especially useful right now, when your immune system needs to be strong and your body and your mind are under so much stress caused by the pandemic.

So, instead of getting stuck in one routine that will quickly become boring, you can rely on an entire library of video-based exercise programmes devised by fitness experts all over the world. You can do some yoga one day, move to HIIT the very next, and then try to include some Zumba in your third workout to keep your body guessing.


Keep track of your progress
Motivation is often the key problem for many people trying to get fit at home. If you can’t see any results immediately, you’re likely to feel disheartened to keep devoting your time and your energy to this particular goal. What will help, however, is if you start using a fitness app or a simple notebook to start noting down your weekly milestones and your goals. When you notice that you’ve dropped a few pounds or that you no longer lose your breath after a single set of squats, you’ll feel much more motivated to keep going. Choose measurable, realistic goals to help you keep going, and note all your achievements down to recognize how far you’ve come!

Whether you’re in quarantine, stuck at home with too much work, or social distancing is still mandatory, and your gyms are closed, home-based workouts paired with the right dieting ideas can help you reach your dream figure. Don’t shy away from trying out new workout ideas and try implementing these habits slowly to make sure you stick with them for the long haul. The results will surely pay off in time! •





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