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Enriching alternatives

LIVING An electric car with over 2,000 PS; a honey replacement; and familiar names moving upmarket mark out this month’s lifestyle products of distinction





Hypercar preview

A new Italian car brand, Automobili Estrema, founded last year by Gianfranco Pizzuto, will showcase its first model, the Fulminea, at the UK’s Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace from September 1 to 5. The Fulminea will have a hybrid battery pack that combines lithium-ion cells with solid-state electrolytes and ultracapacitors, giving 100 kWh capacity and a power output of 2,040 PS (1,500 kW). Because the batteries are so light, and the car itself will weigh just 1,500 kg, the expected range is 520 km. The Italian company calls the Fulminea ‘the fastest technology lab on wheels’. Find out more about this exclusive event, featuring a concours d’élégance and other prototypes, at


Sweet and cruelty-free

The great physicist Dr Albert Einstein warned that if bees vanished, humanity would have four years left. Without pollination, there would be no more plants, no more animals, and no more people. Therefore, those concerned about the declining bee population might want to look at alternatives to honey, such as the Single Origin Food Co.’s organic and halal Vegan Un-Honey, grown by farms that produce single-ingredient nectars with no artificial additives or preservatives. The Blonde variety is farmed in Chiwadi, Thailand, using coconut nectar; Amber is from Supia, Colombia, using cane nectar; and Copper is from Coachella, Calif., using date nectar. Learn more at


Leaping forward

Kia moves its Sportage SUV further upmarket with its fifth generation, with a crisp, high-tech look in tune with the 2020s, from its futuristic boomerang headlights to the chrome beltline, and out to the swooping rear. Kia’s design head, Karim Habib, said they wanted to ‘move on to a different level in the SUV class.’ More at


Richer and more immersive

Televisions are getting more impressive each year with Samsung’s Neo QLED range providing some of the top entrants in the industry. The flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models use a new light source to deliver deeper blacks and more vibrant colour. The sets have more light sources than other Samsung LED TVs, with AI upscaling that optimizes picture quality. The 8K model even has an Infinity Display, a nearly bevel-less screen. It also has Object Tracking Sound Pro that offers dynamic sound that corresponds to the movement of objects on screen. The company is also aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency, using more recycled materials, and a remote control charged by indoor light, helping to prevent waste from 99 million AAA batteries over seven years. •





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