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Donna Haag Black & WhiteRoberto D'Este
Above Donna Haag Black & White white guipure fringe dress in acetate, $965. Previous page Tropical viscose top in sky, $515; sky cotton skirt, $320.

NEW YORK brought its share of surprises, with European designers such as Gerald Tomez, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood benefiting from the city�s reputation as the fashion capital of the world. New York�s own Donna Haag, meanwhile, took the opportunity to showcase her label internationally, with her spring 2000 CD-ROM.
   The CD-ROM, with video clips, stills and diagrams, fits in with the New York designer�s luxurious, innovative image. Nineteen hundred were sent out to the trade and media, and they claim an impressive crew, which includes director of photography Arthur Jafa, who worked on Eyes Wide Shut. Haag was full of praise for Jafa�s work, as well as the photography by Roberto D�Este. The aim, to bring some New York glamour to those who might not attend New York Fashion Week, was more than successful: the videos and stills showed the garments actively worn by models, bringing everything from the ocean to the streets of New York City onto desktops.
   The Donna Haag label, she explains, is about elegance and innovation. �We have very luxurious, innovative fabrics,� she told Lucire from her hotel in Paris, where she stayed on another visit across the Atlantic to investigate the latest materials for future collections. Haag and her colleagues buy European fabrics exclusively, either in Paris or through fabric representatives in New York, but insists that the collection is made in New York. The company does a full designer collection each season.


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From the Donna Haag spring 2000 Urban range. Above Urban sapphire cotton-viscose sleeveless sweater, $210; and Urban sapphire silk-nylon pant, $260. Left Urban claret viscose cardigan, $290; Urban claret viscose sweater, $200; and claret silk-nylon pant, $290.


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