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Yves Saint Laurent

One of the most coveted skin care products on the market doesn’t claim to take ten years off your face or even to specifically fight wrinkles. So why does Guerlain’s Midnight Secret continue to be a highly sought-after best seller? It promises the effects of a good night’s sleep in a bottle. That says a lot about what we’re looking for from our skin care in our modern age.

Blue Heron Media WorksAbove: One of the products examined by the author include Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat radiant touch pen, detailed at this page, ideal for fixing up under-eye circles. Right: Guerlain's Midnight Secret, a best seller.

   It’s not enough to fight or prevent wrinkles, keep skin clear and smooth, or even to firm or retexture skin’s surface. We’re more demanding than ever and what we’re looking for—from our lifestyle, from our home décor, even from our fragrances—is a way to recharge. A way to undo what the stress, the short nights and the long days have done to our senses, our bodies and especially our skin. The industry is listening…
   The beauty industry may not be able to help you get more shut-eye or work meditation into your schedule, but they can give you four ways to keep your hectic lifestyle from showing in your face.
   1. Prevention:
easy tricks to minimize the effects of the times you don’t get enough sleep or for when stress levels rise.
   2. Dynamic duos:
products tailor-made for calming, soothing and rejuvenating at night—and their partners that invigorate your skin in the morning.
   3. Quick fixes:
OK, it’s too late to catch forty winks. Here’s what you do before you apply make-up to give your complexion a boost.
   4. Cosmetic musts
for all you "type-A personality" make-up mavens. (You know who you are. Didn’t we see you steering your SUV with your elbow, while applying mascara and making a hair appointment on your mobile phone?)

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