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Above: A few of the products consumers have been emailing author M. K. Johnson to find: 4711, Canoe, Color Me Beautiful, LouLou by Cacherel, lines from Crabtree & Evelyn, Blue Grass from Elizabeth Arden, In Love Again, Casmir by Chopard, Feminité du Bois by Shiseido, Cabot, Leirac, Bill Blass.

M. K. Johnson looks at readers’ favourite products that have since disappeared from the market, and where to begin your hunt for them now

Main collage by Blue Heron Media Works; images from the manufacturers

T EVENTUALLY HAPPENS to all of us. Our bath line, our favourite moisturizer—or worse, our favourite perfume, is discontinued—or no longer carried by our local retailer. Thus begins the frantic search for the few remaining bottles, or a new source for our prize.
   Here are sources for those items I received the most email on and a few more sites and catalogues for items not found in this article. (For fragrances, skip to ‘The Retailers’ section.)


The largest portion of email I received was regarding Payot Paris. Famous for its Pâté Gris and Special 5 acne treatments, and Crême No. 2 anti-irritation product, this dermatological line is a favourite of mine. Although this very popular and easy to find in Europe, distributors have dwindled here in the US. The focus has shifted from J. C. Penney, which now only has a few stores carrying the line, to salons and spas. For more information on local spas, online sources and products, visit their web site (above) and for an online retailer, check out Harmonie Day Spa, at
   You can also call your local J. C. Penney to find out which stores near you carry the line.

Frances Denney

Denney is another popular line from J. C. Penney and was high on the list of requests. Frances Denney, whose popular Sensitive Line (below right) had quite a following, decided to quit the retail scene altogether and do direct mail instead. Their popular fragrances, Interlude and Hope, as well as Fade-Away fade cream line, are still distributed in J. C. Penney and other retailers, through the Color Me Beautiful line.
   For Color Me Beautiful, visit

Fernand Aubry

Fernand Aubry is maker of the frequently requested Alpha 1 fragrance, the powerhouse skin serum ISD-26, with 13 amino acids, 8 vitamins, and 5 mineral salts, and the Alpha-Rides line.
   Aubry, which no longer has a distributor in the US, is available by going to their web site (English version available), printing the order form and faxing it to their Paris office. There are deep discounts for ordering more than one product, and the site is informative and easy to navigate.

American Fernand Aubry Club
22, rue de Caumartin
75009 Paris

Telephone: 33 1 49-24-00-80
Fax: 33 1 49-24-00-84

Monteil and Lancaster

Monteil (left) and Lancaster (below) are both available online at the official distributor web site (MJM Fragrances and Cosmetics):

  • Monteil,
  • Lancaster,

    And, by calling: 1 800 961-3872 or 1 253 857-3872.
       You can also find a few Monteil and Lancaster items at StrawberryNet and the mail order catalogue Beauty Boutique (see overleaf for both).

    Crabtree and Evelyn
    Discontinued, then re-launched Fragrances

    Two years ago Crabtree and Evelyn discontinued some of their core fragrance lines, including the top-selling Savannah Gardens, only to bring most of them back again. The resurrected lines include Savannah Gardens, Damask Rose, and the signature rose fragrance, Evelyn (the first fragrance to use head-space technology in its development), are all back. The lines that stayed discontinued, Veranda, Song de Chine and Passion Flower, have been seen at the outlet stores (see below) and a few T. J. Maxx stores. Some of the older discontinued lines, like Peach, Carnation, Southampton Rose, etc. are gone from the market completely, and only occasionally turn up on Ebay. The Rose Powder Papers and Jojoba and Aloe Lip Balms disappeared for awhile for awhile, but were never discontinued and are now back on the shelves.

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