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Maximizing your chances in the StarNow Australian Model Search


February 12, 2008/4.50

StarNow 2008 Australian Model SearchI began checking out some of the entrants in the StarNow Australian Model Search. While my judging doesn’t begin till the public votes in its favourites and we get to the ?nal 20, the folks at StarNow wanted me to take a glance to see the calibre of entrants.
   Yesterday, I did have one Australian law student write a comment on a personal blog of mine, and judging from her photograph she had the right look. So the interest is out there, but I’d love to see more.
   While I can’t comment on any potential front-runners at the site, I want to give some tips to entrants.
   First: if you have submitted only one to four pictures, it’s not enough. I’d honestly look at putting up more, even casual ones, but professional ones will catch the eyes of the people voting presently. I realize this sounds like it is biasing things toward those who can afford a professional shoot, but even a really polished amateur shot or one that has had a bit of Photoshop touching-up would raise your chances.
   Secondly, if your range is fairly limited—there are models in the Search who have done work in, say, promotions and men’s magazines—please look at putting up photographs that show you’ve done something else. Laura, our editor, will be looking for a winner who has real range. I am willing to bet that Laura is like me on this front: we’re going to start with your facial appearance in your thumbnail shot on the StarNow site and we could be put off if all you show us after that is a single theme.
   Thirdly, please note down your height and measurements. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but it is a modelling competition. Judges will ?nd this important, even if we aren’t voting yet.
   Fourthly, I encourage all of you to write some sort of a biography. Prior work is less important than knowing that we are choosing someone with character, balancing her life with more than just modelling.
   The good news is that I am seeing girls on the site from all over Australia and I can say there is no preference to state. In fact, location and race (that’s a hint to all the minority-race models to enter) are the last things I look at.

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Filed by Jack Yan

6 thoughts on ‘Maximizing your chances in the StarNow Australian Model Search

  1. Hiya Jack

    Thank you for your tips! I’ll definitely be taking heed. :)

    One question though: Does age make a difference? I noticed there were no age limits for this competition but will this sway the judging?

    I have considered this aspect quite extensively (discouragingly) however, yesterday I was walking through 2 of Perth’s largest retailers in the city & noticed that there were more than a hand full of cosmetic campaigns that have ambassadors with women well over my age. :) It made me think more positively about the current market, but the question still remains: Will age come into consideration for this particular competition?


  2. Hiya Jack

    Many thanks for your tips! I will definitely be taking heed. :)

    I have one question though: Will age make a difference?

    I know there is nothing defining age limits within the terms & conditions but will it discourage or sway the judging?

    After walking through 2 of Perth’s largest retailers yesterday, I noticed that more than half the cosmetic campaigns at present have older women as ambassadors. Competition aside, do you view age as a positive or negative in today’s market?


  3. Hi V.-M.: we let all three messages through as we felt the first and second had slightly different questions. I hope that’s OK but give me a shout if not.
       To your first question: age does not make a difference. I have spotted entrants from 19 to 30 who I would not mind seeing shortlisted. I believe, however, if an entrant has had some bad surgery done (regardless of age), I would be turned off. (Obviously, if it were subtle then I wouldn’t know, and that would be permissible.)
       I would like nothing better than seeing an entrant who was naturally stunning at 45 or 50. So far I have not seen any over 35 yet, though I may be wrong.
       Your second comment’s question, aside from the competition, is about age in general in the market-place. Older women should by all means be ambassadors—Liz Hurley is 42, Jane Fonda is 70, and Andie MacDowell turns 50 this year. The population is, in reality, ageing and if companies do not recognize this with spokesmodels who are of consumers’ own era, then they will lose out. It is not some politically correct statement when I say that age is very much a positive. It makes commercial sense.

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply Jack & many thanks for your honesty & ability to keep it real! In an industry where it can become too superficial & egotistic, it is fresh & uplifting to hear your points of view on age & surgery.

    Personally, I believe a great role model comes in all shapes/sexes & sizes & is one who is blessed with an appearance which reflects him or her inside & out!

    Good luck with the judging & I hope there is a great variety for ya’ll to select from! Xv

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