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The ’60s had it


May 29, 2008/11.24

The swinging ’60s, birthplace of the miniskirt, kinky boots, the Beatles, Mini Cooper and Twiggy, has been voted the decade that gave Europeans the most timeless styles, according to a survey conducted by LG Electronics, which commissioned the survey to coincide with the launch of its new third Black Label Series handset, the LG Secret.
   Of the 1,000 people from the UK who participated in the pan-European (Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden) survey, 23 per cent agreed that the ’60s delivered the most lasting and impactful fashion trends that are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago, when compared to all other decades. It is a decade that brought many great firsts: the first man on the moon, the touch-tone phone, Arpanet (the prototype internet) and colour TVs.
   UK males were among the strongest advocates of the ’60s style, with 28 per cent rating the flamboyance and libertine attitudes of this decade the most influential. However, UK females disagreed. The 1950s, which saw the rise of rock ’n’ roll, Brylcreem and iconic stars such as Marilyn Monroe, were recognized by 20 per cent of UK females as the quintessential trend-setting decade.

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