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Calgary, according to an Albertan

September 14, 2008/10.04

Stephen Beveridge, who ran Fashist in the early 2000s, is an Edmonton native and had a few comments about our new article on Calgary, Alberta, which he received information of via our Facebook presence.

   1. It’s [the] home of modern conservative political thought (our PM was taught his politics here).
   2. It’s the only decent place in all of Alberta one can shop for shoes. I don’t know why that is.
   3. Most people think of Calgary as Canada’s Texas, full of cowboys and rednecks. It’s the opposite. The cowboy stuff is all tourist stuff. It’s actually very white-collar in its ways and high education is a must to be taken seriously there.
   4. It used to have all its nightlife in one area, Electric Ave., but the city tore it apart years ago and spread the night spots out.
   5. It has the second most head of?ces of business in Canada, only Toronto has more (beats out Montreal and Vancouver).

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