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Très Bonjour’s Latex couture

September 15, 2008/9.24

Our Parisian photographer Cat Soubbotnik has recently shot for Berlin-based designer Viola Jæger, who creates Latex couture under the label Très Bonjour. We tend not to feature single-brand editorials, which is why this won’t appear in that section in print, even though the effort Cat went to deserves an airing on this site:

Lucire 2008

   However, we’re not saying no to possibly featuring her either as a news item or an interviewee—if you have a view either way, please let us know.

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8 thoughts on ‘Très Bonjour’s Latex couture

  1. Her photo’s are fantastic, really special. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Cat Soubbotnik on your site!

  2. Hi!
    I would like to know more about this designer. I really, really love Cat Soubbotnik’s photographs.

  3. This is truly glamour – who´s the designer? Give us some more please, and of the photographer too, she´s so, so good!

  4. …amazing picture! i would really appreciate to read more about this stunning creations..keep up the creative energy! Gianni

  5. TresBonjour is really amazing. It brings fashion to Latex. Please report further.. Greets Lara

  6. Latex fashion wallowed in nature. nice one!
    Très Bonjour – finally someone makes Latex truly fashionable – Très Chique!

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