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Back for 2009

January 1, 2009/5.51

Happy 2009 to all our readers!
   Things were a bit strange technologically over the last few weeks. For those who have noticed slight improvements in server speeds, your imagination is not playing tricks on you. The Lucire site is indeed faster, but to get here, we had to go to a new machine, change IP addresses, and, as some of you might have noticed last week, we even had to go offline for around 24 hours, even if that was more by accident than design.
   IP addresses, as some of you who have run your own websites know, take 24 hours to update, so there was a period where it was near impossible to reach this site.
   And our computer experts had informed us that it wasn’t the best time to update this website, because any updates we performed immediately prior to the migration could have been lost. Hence, we refrained from adding anything to the main part of the site or here, to ‘Insider’.
   We will be updating a few news items now that we are back to speed, and look forward to a more exciting and fast-paced 2009 with you!

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