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Design exhibition deemed not to disappoint


April 12, 2009/11.28

Dimension der Fläche

Travelling the world for three years and having already showed in Torino, Kyoto, Hong Kong and Melbourne, this international touring exhibition entitled The Dimension of the Plane—Communication Design in Germany is set to deliver some of Germany’s most current, innovative and leading-edge design. The exhibition, curated by the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council) in Frankfurt, is an overview of design works representing the state-of-the-art of communicative achievements at the start of the 21st century. Over 150 pieces of work by 41 eminent German design agencies will be up for viewing with five different themes dividing the exhibition, including: corporate design, digital media, graphic design, typography, and wayfinding and signage.
   To catch this wave of impressive German design, head along to the foyer of Victoria University’s School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand between April 2 and 23, situated at 139 Vivian Street.

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