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McLaren puts MP4-12C through its paces


November 13, 2009/11.29

McLaren is a name that should conjure up many positive images for New Zealanders through its founder, Auckland-born Bruce McLaren, and by spring 2011, it should give car aficionados even more reason to get teary-eyed.
   The UK-based company is preparing to launch its second production car, the MP4-12C, which features a twin-turbocharged 3·8-litre V8, producing a whopping 600 hp and 433 lb ft of torque. It’s expected to cost more than the Ferrari 458 Italia, but the specifications appear more high-tech.
   McLaren says no part has come from any other manufacturer: everything in the 12C has come from its own company.
   No carbon dioxide emission figures have been announced, but the company stresses that its Carbon MonoCell, a carbonfibre body tub that forms the heart of the car’s structure, is only 80 kg. By reducing weight, it can reduce emissions.
   The above video shows the MP4-12C being taken through its paces during development. Dick Glover, McLaren Automotive Technical Director and Chris Goodwin, Chief Test Driver, give some inside information on the development.

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