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Mini announces SUV model, the Countryman

January 20, 2010/11.06

Mini Countryman

Mini has tried to extend its range while it was under British ownership, but it seems, as with so many things automotive, the Germans have been more successful. BMW has announced that the regular Mini hatch, the Mini convertible and the Mini Clubman will be joined by the five-door Mini Countryman, a taller SUV-style model with more practicality.
   Although BMW has not said so, it’s likely to be joined by a lower, two-wheel-drive model in the near future.
   The new model lacks the cuteness of the originals, but it may be very successful for the lifestyle brand. While it might not get new SUV owners, it might get those who are downsizing and who still want something stylish.
   The Countryman name was originally used by the British Motor Corp. to denote estate car versions of its saloons.

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