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From San Fran to Stockholm


March 20, 2010/22.03

Misha Market
Misha Market
While waiting for the San Francisco subway-esque train (BART) at UN Plaza, a young woman bumped into my side and apologized. Looking up, I accepted her apology and suddenly did a double take to ask her, ‘Where did you get your dress-scarf-top thingy?’
   She smiled and delightfully said, ‘Online. It’s called Misha Market.’ What are the chances of riding the train and being so thankful that someone bumped into you at a painful 7.35 a.m.? As an inquisitive person, I decided to research this Misha Market and figure out how I, too, could be donned in this versatile garb.
   Misha Market has existed on the Etsy site for quite some time. It was started by Misha Gill, a young and hip lady from San Francisco, Calif. The first time she entered her textiles and clothing classes at UC Davis, she realized fashion was going to be more than just another avocation. She graduated college wanting clothing that wasn’t really out there, so she began sewing and designing clothing for herself. After gaining compliments from her peers and, even strangers, Gill started creating apparel for local clientèle. Her unique designs became such a commodity that she had to take a sabbatical from uploading on the Etsy site to fulfil new orders.
   During this time of pins and needles, she was given an opportunity for change. Gill loved the Bay area but moved with her boyfriend to Stockholm, Sweden. This was a major transition, which would soon provide more than just a bit of inspiration for her next collection.
   It was her move to Sweden that gave her a stronger sense of her design style, allowing her to parlay her steady beginnings into her current must-have garments sold online. She not only designs all of her pieces but also cuts, sews, drapes, patterns, and even packages every item herself. The hand-made touch of Misha Market is exactly why she has so many repeat customers.
   Who is the inspiration for this evolving designer? Gill said anyone around her at any given time could inspire her to design a new creation, but friends and family, especially Gill’s mother, have been most influential in her life.
   Misha Market’s garments are hip and fashion-forward, so, it’s easy to see why Gill’s designs are so adored internationally. Whether it’s a top or a dress, you’re destined to be well received in any crowd. The uniqueness of Misha Market is in the versatility of the clothing. Her looks are roomy yet edgy and have convertibility for even the most élite, savvy traveller.
   ‘I gravitate to fabrics that are comfortable and layer well. Clothes are an expression of who you are as much as they are protective layers, and I think knits are best against the skin,’ Gill said, when asked about why she uses fine knits in some of her designs. When you purchase a Misha Market garment, you’ll notice a difference in your walk. With every step you take, you will exude pure confidence. You can get two, three or sometimes even four different looks from a single garment.
   Do you have trouble picking an ensemble for Monday? Or, perhaps you just want to look stylish? Well, if you’re ever in a quandary about what to wear, Misha Market can help.
   You may acquire your own piece of Misha Market at

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