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Charity: Water launches Unshaken: Haïti

March 22, 2010/8.52

Charity: Water
From editor-at-large Summer Rayne Oakes’s blog: Charity: Water’s Unshaken: Haïti programme, launching today (World Water Day) at 10 a.m. GMT. ‘The video they shot is mesmerizing. Scott [Harrison]’s ability to give a face to human destruction, despair and hope is palpable.’
   Charity: Water aims to help 11 regions in Haïti build long-term clean water solutions through Unshaken: Haïti, with a target of US$1 million. This will help over 40,000 people.
   There’s more at

PS.: Since we posted the above, the video has been released. Watch it at Charity: Water’s website or below.

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