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Channelling Hemingway in Runtime

November 22, 2010/23.40

Last December a young, audacious Delhi-based technology company approached me to create an unusual brand extension for them. They wanted to commission a novel, set at a Delhi-based technology company. ‘We need Hemingway,’ they said. Of course, as a six-time finalist for the International Imitation Hemingway Competition, my interest in the project soared. Wasn’t the first I’d heard of the idea (Bulgari commissioned a novel several years ago, stipulating that the main character be a string of their pearls—it became something of a best seller in Europe) and I jumped at the opportunity to write it.
   Technology’s not regarded as that sexy a business, and the association with creativity was a compelling angle—plus I have grown quite comfortable here, and was given carte blanche to craft the story. I wrote passages for the book all over planet Earth, in India, Europe, and an especially productive week last July on the windblown Scottish isle of Orkney, where I cranked out 8,000 words. I submitted a first draft from California in August.
   In October the finished manuscript was delivered, and though there remain a few final edits to complete, the book is now being readied for release. Runtime will hit the market under the imprint of a major Indian publisher, available at bookstores all over India some time next year.—Stanley Moss, Travel Editor

Clive Owen
Above Travel Editor Stanley Moss referred to Bulgari in his text. Bulgari is rather Hemingway-obsessed: its latest Bulgari Man marketing features actor Clive Owen, who is cast to play the author in an upcoming movie.

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