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Ex-Mexicana Airlines flight attendants launch racy calendar


November 26, 2010/21.02

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Aeromozas de Mexicana

It’s becoming a more regular idea now: if you’re a flight attendant and your airline is in trouble, then get your kit off and print a calendar.
   Weeks after the annual Ryanair calendar—which, this year, was more toned down compared to the 2010 edition—a group of former Mexicana Airlines attendantshas launched its 2011 calendar.
   However, the aeromozas’ posing might lead them to continue being out of work, according to their union, which claims that they have broken its rules.
   Mexicana filed for bankruptcy and suspended its operations in August. The 10 flight attendants who appear in the calendar are out of work.
   Mexicana may resume flights next month, but with 30 per cent of its original staff numbers.
   There was little outcry in México over objectification or political incorrectness.
   The only controversy is the possibility that the women will not be rehired because they have broken the rules of the Asociación Sindical de Sobrecargos de Aviación, their union, according to its secretary-general Lizette Clavel.
   The fiight attendants say that as they are unemployed and that the Mexicana logo has not been used on any image, the rules of the union do not apply.
   They have also posed with swimwear, albeit suggestively.
   The notable difference between the Mexicana and Ryanair calendars is that the later one is self-funded. The flight attendants put in their own savings to get the first 1,000 published and printed—at a cost of MEX$100,000 (US$8,000).
   The calendar is the brainchild of Coral Perez, who told the Associated Press: ‘We needed the money.’ She and some of her colleagues appear in the YouTube video below.
   A Facebook page was set up to promote the calendar.
   The first 1,000 were already sold out before the launch on Thursday. A second printing of 3,000 is currently being organized.
   Each calendar costs MEX$149 (c. US$12).
   The flight attendants have become fleeting celebrities in México, performing autograph-signings at launch parties covered by the local media.
   The idea is not new. Earlier this year, Air Comet, the bankrupted Spanish airline, saw its flight attendants pose for a calendar, although with more nudity, after they were out of work. That calendar sold for a more expensive €15.

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  3. So???where the hell is the darn callendar???Id like to see it so I can comment.

  4. This has gone on long enough..What in the world is ..URL??? Is someone somewhere going
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    and no one seems to know or tell me about it.

  5. It couldn’t have gone on for a year since it only came out less than a couple of months ago. There’s a link in the text to the Facebook page—I think the idea is that you have to buy it, rather than just have a look online.

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