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Robyn on the move


December 9, 2010/8.21

Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson
Robyn Mathieson

Sopheak Seng

After moving from her original store in Victoria Street to a new premise in Featherston Street a few years ago, Robyn Mathieson has now moved again with the times, to Willis Street, taking her back to her Cuba Street–Willis Street quarter roots.
   The relocation is a smart move from Mathieson, who has always been able to tap into the Zeitgeist. Willis and Cuba Streets are once again rebuilding themselves as a fashion destination for Wellington.
   The new store, designed in collaboration with Wellington architect Scott Gordon (Gordon also co-designed the recently opened Teed Street store which was covered in Lucire a couple of months ago), brings Mathieson’s clothes to a new audience.
   Rough and exposed concrete is painted white to give a warm homely yet industrial feeling. Continuing her love affair with all things retro and continuing the Mathieson brand, the store combines vintage light shades from the 1920s and 1960s to cast a warm glow over the shop, while exposed ply and beech wood are turned into zig-zag shelving to showcase footwear and bags.
   Ox-blood-red leather hides are hung on meat-hooks as an alternative to the traditional changing room curtain, and a great talking-point in the shop. Although sparse and airy, the shop still feels warm and inviting.
   Set over two levels, the new shop also plans to offer something different to the usual shopping experience. The top floor of the shop houses a gallery of local artworks hand picked by Mathieson herself, while the ground floor houses the main collection line and accessories. They are all hung gallery-like again, and with the new fit-out, it is a perfect canvas in which to show her summer collection.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion Editor

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