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Nostalgic Boutique: for the retro–contemporary


March 7, 2011/4.03

Rebecca Turley
Rebecca TurleyRebecca Turley

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Rebecca TurleyRebecca TurleyFive years ago, Rebecca Turley was working a typical nine-to-five job pushing papers, developing product under the umbrella of Bay Area corporations and eager to spread her wings within the fashion industry. But, finding happiness and her niche within the industry was going to take more than a mere title at a local company.
   After getting her feet wet she realized that pursuing her passion of design was a high priority that needed to be executed. The outcome was the decision to transition to a warmer location (Arizona), one that had a much slower fashion scene than she was used to. However, that would not only be the turning point of her career, but the commencement of a new boutique.
   Turley, an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco, Calif., founded Nostalgic Boutique in 2008. Nostalgic Boutique provides vintage-inspired clothing for the woman with a modern edge. The silhouettes throughout the collection also evoke a romanticized glamour with retro roots, synthesizing classic style lines and the versatility needed for today’s contemporary woman. Its targeted customer is ageless; a vintage fashionista whose passion for individuality, creativity, and quality runs deeply into her wardrobe. ‘My customer gets this … she has her own sense of style and understands the value of unique, high-quality garments,’ Turley says.
   Turley, who prides herself on using mostly all-natural fibres such as linen and cotton in her collection, is not a designer who just chooses her materials hastily. The creative process starts by sketching in her handy notebook. Conceptual impressions are then developed and selected for specific silhouettes. Then, the fabric search begins. And, by this time, the designer’s decision on what’s appropriate for the styles that are chosen is definitive.
   Her fall 2011 collection is a result of those ideas and sketches being brought to life with a clear, set vision. ‘I’m focusing on black and white with pops of colour, button detailing, and uniform details,’ Turley says.
   She states that her move to Arizona has not has not changed her perspective entirely on fashion but rather allowed her to see the vast distinction in one’s fashion sense from various parts of the country. ‘Arizona is much more conservative, and people are less likely to think outside the box when it comes to how they dress. San Fran has a much more hip vibe where people are more likely to express themselves outside of what is trending right now or “safe”,’ she says.
   Fortunately, Nostalgic Boutique intermixes the hip thinking of the Bay with the subtleness of Arizona and, somewhere along the designing lines, there is no division—just purely inspiring expressions made to be worn. For example, in the aqua pleated dress, Turley focused on one-of-a-kind concepts by interpreting reconstructed vintage as a wearable ensemble with an updated styling and classic hemline. There’s also items like the asymmetrical romper, which takes a vintage body showcasing modern technology using linen material with a denim æsthetic with pleating treatments at the shoulder and pockets.
   Vintage devotees are able to buy what’s directly seen on the runway. Turley is currently focused with fulfilling orders at present and is in talks with several companies about the expansion of her line, opening greater avenues of dispersing her apparel, and production within the the US with potential to be acquired globally online. However, one must crawl before walking and sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.
   The success of her company has already transcended the cognitive idea of what some say a beginning company should be, and in record time. Needless to say, this busy entrepreneur has given up the typical nine-to-five, but she’s happily traded it in for wholesale orders, longer working hours, constant phone calls, and booking appointments!
   For more information on Nostalgic Boutique, visit—Tamara Madison

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  4. I am proud to say i know Rebecca, and she deserves being recognized! She works hard and is very determined to show her work to the world….way to go Rebecca!!!

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