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Supermodel Gisèle Bündchen fronts Vivara’s Mothers’ Day campaign

April 15, 2011/2.31

Gisèle Bündchen
Gisèle Bündchen


Gisèle BündchenGisèle Bündchen looks set to retain her crown as the world’s top-earning model, if the number of high-profile campaigns she fronts is any indication.
   The supermodel returned to Brazil to appear in the Mothers’ Day ‘I Love Jewellery’ campaign for Vivara, appearing with the brand’s latest jewellery and lounging about in a long pink dress.
   The Vivara website has the behind-the-scenes video, which we’ve shown again below, as well as a full complement of photos from the making of the new advertising images. These include not only Bündchen but her petite feline co-star.
   Vivara has also posted campaign images to its Facebook fan page.
   Bündchen has been named by Forbes for many years as the world’s top-earning model, an accolade that we predict will continue in 2011.
Gisèle Bündchen
Vivara cat

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