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Reflecting on Miss International winner and runner-up, María Fernanda Cornejo and Jessica Barboza


November 8, 2011/0.40

Maria Fernada Cornejo
Maria Fernanda Cornejo
Thomas Salme

Above María Fernanda Cornejo, Miss International 2011.

The winner of the 2011 Miss International is María Fernanda Cornejo, from Quito, Ecuador. She is 22 years old and a professional model. Her height is 1·78 m (5 ft 10 in) and she measures 88-60-92 (35-24-36). She is blonde with hazel-coloured eyes. I remember shooting her two years ago, for her natural posing talent and her looks. I enjoyed my time shooting her, and, since then, we became friends and speak now and then. I hope to get back in touch soon to take more photos of her and other beauties from Ecuador.
   The runner-up in the final of Miss International is Jessica Barboza from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She has some German blood from her grandmothers and even a German passport. I shot her the day after the Miss Venezuela contest last year, and together with my friend, designer Nidal Nouaihed, we created the photos in Nidal’s studio.
   Jessica is 24 years old, 1·74 m (5 ft 9 in) in height, and measures 90-58-90 (35-23-35). Even though I only met her for a day I remember her nice look and her professional and sweet way of speaking.
   I have been lucky to be able to meet those models and take photos of them. It’s true that beauty comes from the inside with María Fernanda and Jessica. Both of them are really natural talents and girls that work hard. With their educated and sweet mood, they are really the top in the world. Even if they were not contesting Miss International, I would still think that they are top ladies. The winner and the runner-up got my best wishes the day before the event in China, and this was a nice surprise to wake up to today.—Thomas Salme, Photographer

Jessica Barboza
Jessica Barboza
Jessica Barboza
Jessica Barboza
Thomas Salme

Above Jessica Barboza, runner-up at Miss International 2011.

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