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Manfred Baumann shoots the Miss Austria 2012 contestants in swimwear, lingerie


March 20, 2012/11.52

Miss Austria 2012
Manfred Baumann

Austrian photographer Manfred Baumann has photographed the 19 contestants of this year’s Miss Austria pageant, which will see its final held on March 30 at the Casino Baden.
   In addition to the shoot, Baumann will be on the pageant jury this year.
   Barbara Reichard styled the shoot, images from which are revealed here in Lucire today. Baumann has so far released swimwear and lingerie photographs, although he has also photographed them in their evening gowns.
   Baumann says he has chosen his three favourites already. ‘They are in this year from the west and south of Austria.’
   In addition to the latest photographs, Baumann has released a YouTube video, embedded below.

Marisa Gerhardter

Fiona Fiedler, Elisabeth Hohl

Christina Voros, Amina Dagi

Teresa Verwanger, Teresa de Monte

Tamara Mafanović, Stephanie Djordjević

Stefanie Steinmayr, Sadgol Salarmaaf

Melanie Wörgötter, Marina Mascha

Lourdes Gomez, Lisa Höck

Kristina Bühringer, Julia Hafner

Jessica Cara, Jenny Besenyei

Manfred Baumann

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