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Fashion and plastic surgery: Dr Luciano Lanfranchi’s guidelines

April 21, 2012/8.39

Thomas Salme

Photographer Thomas Salme has been in touch with Dr Luciano Lanfranchi, and shot behind-the-scenes photographs for the Italian-based certified plastic surgeon for an upcoming documentary film.
   Dr Lanfranchi has written a few words of advice when it comes to fashion and plastic surgery, which we feature exclusively in Lucire.

Thomas Salme

In recent years, plastic surgery procedures have changed, being less invasive nowadays. That is why it has become more popular and, unfortunately, people tend to exceed what is required. It happens generally with people who do not work with their aspect-beauty: you can imagine what can happen with people who work with their image (just look up some famous people on the internet to see for yourself).
   The most difficult thing for a plastic surgeon is to convince people not to undergo certain treatments when there is no need for them. However, people who work with their body image risk becoming obsessed with morphology and ageing.
   The problem arises when there is no need to undergo a medical or surgical treatment and the patient does not understand it. If they find the right surgeon, they can change their ideas and sometimes be addressed to a psychologist. If they don’t, the risk of finding another colleague ready to perform a useless and risky treatment is very high.
   We have to listen to what patients want and, above all, we have to be very objective before every request. If there is a real inesthetism, asymmetry or lack of volume, having evaluated the possibility to correct it, we have to look in front of the mirror together with the patient and explain everything about possible treatments. The main role of the plastic surgeon is to be very precise in discouraging abnormal or extreme requests, primarily not to create false expectations and plastic faces and bodies. We must respect:

  • harmony, which is fundamental and must be kept;
  • proportions; and
  • safety, using the best products and technologies, and working in secure places with specialized doctors. This is another important point since certain patients, sometimes, if they are not well advised, tend to go to low-cost surgeons who use low-quality and or prohibited materials to satisfy certain (generally unnatural) requests.
  •    Even if these three fundamental concepts represent the meeting point between a plastic surgeon, an architect, a designer, and a musician, we rarely strike 1 + 1 = 2 in medicine, since there are a lot of possible variables that change from patient to patient.
       That’s why we are all like single snowflakes: unique and unrepeatable.—Luciano Lanfranchi

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    5 thoughts on “Fashion and plastic surgery: Dr Luciano Lanfranchi’s guidelines

    1. You are so right! I couldn’t agree more! It’s good to find a doctor whose honest with himself and his patients not attempting to just follow the patients desire and not his/her benefit! (Trust me drs your principele are hard to find these days).
      The other thing that makes you speciale in a way, is the fact that you relate beauty with art! Can’t agree more! My complements to you dr Luciano!

    2. Dear dr Lanfranchi
      I do really appreciate what you have written because in a world where the appearance and money always win a serious doctor is distinguished by the courage of taking a stand! Francesca

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