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October 16, 2012/11.02

When it comes to fashion, simplicity does not have to be boring, and quality goods usually need no special introduction. So, when southern California-based fashion designer Mary Jo Matsumoto’s handbag collection completely sold out, it was no surprise that it caught the eye of a diverse range of women—from the trendy fashionista to the savvy stay-at-home entrepreneur. Matsumoto’s line of goods targets no particular market other than the stylish female who loves versatility in her wardrobe.
   In her eponymous collection, she creates contemporary luxe handbags that carry traces of classic shapes adored for decades. That’s probably why her pieces have also been venerated and worn by silver screen starlets like Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright Penn, and even spotlighted on Oprah, amongst many others. The style marriage of past and present is visible.
Women from all over the world are drawn to the collection’s craftsmanship and alluring style lines. And, one of the best parts of acquiring a Matsumoto handbag is that there’s no fitting room needed to don a style from the collection. Ladies can toss their dress sizes out the window whilst selecting a preferred bag style.
   Customers can expect to get high-quality items at an affordable price that have the current edge in their fabric choice and colour selection. There are traditionally favoured leather clutches with contrast linings and modern trim details, complementing today’s woman. ‘It really doesn’t matter how much you weigh or how tall you are or anything … it’s really just about taste,’ Matsumoto said.
   But, it doesn’t stop there! Matsumoto’s new line of nail varnish colours sets the tone well with her handbag collection, offering themed hues like Scandalous Lover, Coffee Addiction, Wild Beach Iris, and Mood Altering Mocha.
Additionally, personal influence and insight on fashion and art is shared on her blog. She’s a designer who doesn’t mind giving back and contributing her expertise. In fact, alongside designing, she works as a journalist and has run an internship programme for years. There are also future plans on teaching classes about how to propel one’s blog to attain great writing jobs.
   Although a successful entrepreneur, there were moments of trial and error that served as the pilot for her success. ‘I didn’t know anything when I started … I just knew that I wanted to do it. I think if it’s what you want to be, you can definitely do it, if you believe in what you’re designing,’ Matsumoto said.
   Wondering what luxe bag to acquire first? ‘I would recommend to everyone the oversize clutch, because it’s as big as maybe a handbag for people who don’t want a tote,’ Matsumoto said. Well, the verdict is in, a typical staple item may be your favourite jeans and T-shirt, but a piece of luxury is definitely needed in every woman’s wardrobe!
   For more information, or to shop Matsumoto’s collection, visit—Tamara Madison

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