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Roxy emphasizes performance and fashion in its latest campaign

October 30, 2012/10.27

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Roxy, which had spun off from Quiksilver in 1990, took a chance on the female surf market, initially beginning in swimwear and expanding into sportswear and snow wear. By the middle of the decade, the brand was well and truly established, thanks to its involvement in sport, with Lisa Andersen, then the ASP female world champion, becoming the first member of the Roxy boardriders’ team. It hasn’t looked back since, and its current team is now known as one of the teams to watch in women’s professional surfing.
   Its latest campaign features some of the top sportswomen that the brand is associated with: Olympic half-pipe snowboard gold medalist Torah Bright, and professional surfers Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, and Bruna Schmitz. Not featured in the campaign, but part of the Roxy team, are Sally Fitzgibbons (above), Rosy Hodge, LeeAnn Curren, Lisa Anderson, Sofia Mulanovich, Jen Smith, Phillipa Anderson and Alyssa Lock.
   All this has allowed Roxy to be in the media spotlight, already featuring in our competitors’ publications, such as In Style. MTV’s Surf Girls in 2003, some might remember, was based around Roxy’s team manager Danielle Beck and team rider Heidi Drazic. The brand’s worth is now $400 million, with products for ‘every aspect of the active girl’s life,’ according to the company.
   The campaign is to remind Roxy fans, and potential customers, that the brand has a strong heritage in pro competition, blending fashion with function. It’s also to remind people that Roxy is a trail-blazing brand ‘born in the ocean and carved our way to the mountains.’
   ‘White Sea’ is the song on the ad, performed by Ladykiller.

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