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A burst of colour from the Body Shop

October 15, 2013/9.48

Heading into the season of summer festivities, I feel a change in the air, a change in the wind and, from what I can tell, so can the Body Shop, which has released a bright and playful colour range of lipsticks, the Colour Crush range. Here at the Wellington office we have been holding our breath all winter for a fresh burst of colour. This new range offers fresh colours to complement and illuminate any skin tone and style.
   What makes the Colour Crush different is the care that goes into making it. The Body Shop sources high-quality pigments from all over the world, which are then finely crushed and mixed with the body shops already outstanding Community Fair Trade-approved marula oil, resulting in the array of out-of-this-world colours.
   Colour Crush not only packs a punch in its brilliant vibrant shades, it also is guilt-free and caring. This is due to the Body Shop ensuring it is 100 per cent cruelty-free and 100 per cent vegetarian to boot. Do yourself a favour and hop on in to your closest Body Shop and pick yourself up a Red Siren, Red Hot Raspberry or one of the other many shades for a steal, at RRP NZ$27.—Anna Deans

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