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Sponsored video: Intel comes to life on tablets

Filed by Lucire staff/October 16, 2013/8.46

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One of the hardest things for a technology company to do is give a gadget a sense of humanity. It’s possible to show a new cellphone in a social setting, for instance, or have coloured silhouettes dancing across the screen, but when it comes to demonstrating what the gadget itself can do, one usually has to get technical.
   Intel is in a harder spot than most, as it makes the chips that power computers and tablets. Having an Intel chip is a badge of honour for many computer manufacturers, yet that perceived quality can only be maintained if Intel itself does some clever marketing to set it apart from the competition. There was another mission here: while consumers know that many desktop computers and laptops have Intel chips, many didn’t know that they could be found inside tablets, too.
   Last month, Intel launched Intelligent Sounds, a short film that fits the bill. Using tablets powered by Intel chips, it has created its own universe, where machines create music.
   It’s a clever enough idea, featuring a tablet-powered robot conductor called Felix, who then brings his orchestra members, all of whom are Asus Fonepad tablets running Intel Atom processors, to life. We might be used to seeing us use tablets creatively—but we haven’t seen tablets themselves be the creators.
   The soundtrack was the work of Flume, the award-winning beat-maker, producer and DJ, also known as Harley Streten. Flume, based in Sydney, composed the music especially for the commercial.
   Flume is accustomed to using technology to craft his own music, using mobiles to record inspiration, making him a perfect partner for Intel, says the company. The production itself was the work of the Monkeys and Finch, which spent 2,000 developer hours and brought together the 60 tablets.

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