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A drop of blood inspires B Type jewellery and its dual purpose

November 30, 2013/9.06

B Type represents a new concept in jewellery design based on personal blood type. Conceived in Milano, the collection is made solely in Italy to the best creative and artisanal standards. ‘You are what you bleed’ is their headline, representing both the collection’s concept and the brand’s philosophies. These pendants sees your blood type as a code that represents you, used as an identification as well as a celebration of the self, on the basis that blood is an element which keeps us alive and connects us.
   B Type jewellery is purely a collection of silver pendants. The blood type code is engraved on these in modern text through old-style craftsmanship. The pieces are timeless, an excellent gift for a loved one being a meaningful and personal gift, suitable for the young and old and both women and men. The drop shape of the pendants creates a delicate look to the pieces as well as representing a drop of blood. B Type’s packaging is intentionally provocative, with the use of blood-bank-type plastic bags with the delicate jewel safely inside. The packaging and the jewels themselves aim to create awareness of one’s own blood type in case of emergency. They also elevate the importance of the free gift of giving blood.
   B Type’s designer, Arianna Callegari, a trained architect, intends to work on a collection incorporating alternative materials such as gold and diamonds. Callegari aims for all her pieces to be special and unique, like one’s blood type. The current collection, shown in Dubai on October 10, is now available.—Anna Deans

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