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Christina Applegate speaks out for Stand up to Cancer and Cancer Treatment Centers’ new campaign

November 6, 2014/18.01

Actress Christina Applegate is the spokeswoman for the new Stand up to Cancer and Cancer Treatment Centers of America public awareness campaign.
   Applegate herself is a cancer survivor, who stresses the importance of having a strong support system. ‘It was a sense of community that helped me, as well as many others, get through a time that is never easy; and why I am so proud to join Stand up to Cancer and Cancer Treatment Centers of America on this campaign. Each of us has the power to support and fight,’ she said in a release.
   The campaign is entitled When You Don’t Know What to Say, Stand up, highlighting how family and friends can provide support to a loved one diagnosed with cancer.
   The central message is, ‘When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you have the power to help. There are many ways you can stand up and show that you care.’
   Applegate had chosen to have both her breasts removed in a prophylactic double mastectomy, although cancerous lumps were only found in one. She credits MRI testing for detecting the tumours early and allowing her to seek early treatment.
   One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, according to the two groups. Those in support positions can visit, with tips on how to support those newly diagnosed with cancer. They can also follow Stand up to Cancer on Facebook and Twitter.

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