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Sponsored video: Nivea Sun shows just how protection works

Filed by Lucire staff/December 29, 2014/6.00

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Now that it’s summer, those nearest the South Pole have to take particular care when stepping out into the sun over the holidays. The knowledge that the ozone hole has been growing, while the ice caps melt, is not too far from everyone’s minds, especially when the weather forecast gives you “burn times”. It’s hardly relaxing when you have to time just how long you can lie down on one side while the sun beats down.
   Nivea Sun is launching a perfectly timed campaign for the upcoming days off for those lucky enough to have a summer holiday. It’s a great way to learn about how sun screen can protect your skin.
   Using an ultraviolet camera, you’re able to tell just how the sun can damage your skin. Normally, you can’t see sun screen because we want to look as natural as we can, so it appears to fade away. However, the ultraviolet camera reveals just how sun screen can protect skin: despite being invisible to the naked eye, it’s like a solid layer that coats the skin.
   Nivea’s Sun range has a wide range of products, from its Kids’ Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50 to an after-sun body lotion that helps moisturize and restore skin. Some are designed to be water-resistant for four hours for those who like to swim or even play in the ocean or the pool, while the Ultra Sport Protect Cooling Sunscreen Spray (aerosol or spray) gives protection for those in outdoor sports this summer. You should bear in mind that old sun screens are ineffective, and Nivea advises against using any that have been opened from last season.
   You can find out more from Nivea Australia’s Facebook this summer.

Post sponsored by Nivea

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