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Murray Crane becomes Jaguar’s first New Zealand ambassador; new suit commemorates partnership


April 1, 2015/11.00

Menswear designer Murray Crane (above) joins a select group of celebrities such as Sir Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba and Stella McCartney as he becomes Jaguar’s latest brand ambassador.
   Crane is the first specifically appointed for the New Zealand market and, to commemorate the announcement, he has designed a Jaguar × Crane Brothers suit.
   The suit uses a fine worsted wool in navy pinstripe sourced from Dugdale Bros. & Co. in Yorkshire, with a British racing green lining, an intentional nod to the Jaguar Villains campaign.
   The icing on the cake for New Zealand customers who buy a new XF from April 1 will be their own tailored Crane Brothers suit, personally fitted by Crane himself at a Crane Brothers store, or a location of their choice, as a perk of the purchase.
   Jaguar says the partnership with Crane Brothers is a natural one. James McKee, Jaguar New Zealand’s marketing manager, said, ‘We approached Crane Brothers as we feel the brand truly embodies the spirit of Jaguar and we’re delighted to announce Murray Crane as Jaguar’s first New Zealand ambassador. The strong brand synergy means together we can offer customers an even more exceptional Jaguar experience.’
   The company sees Crane’s flair for style, luxury and innovation as natural fits for its own brand, which, since the second-generation XK sports car, it has pursued, resulting in the new F-type and XE, which arrives in New Zealand this year.
   Crane said, ‘For Crane Brothers as a business, this partnership represents an enormous opportunity to work with an international brand in such a significant way. Personally it inspires me to continue to raise the standard of what we do and reward our clients by continuing to improve and develop.’

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