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Luxury therapy

NEWS Leyla Messian puts herself in the capable hands of beauty experts at TMG’s pre-Oscar suite in Beverly Hills
March 11, 2019/12.07

True to Hollywood tradition, the luxury suites were in full swing the day before the Oscars, and TMG’s International 15th Annual Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite, presented by Well Being Trust, provided a much-needed opportunity for vips and media to unwind before the big event. Immediately upon arrival, escorts from Los Angeles’ prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising ushered us into an exclusive penthouse atop the mid-century-modern Beverly Hills Hilton.
   With bottles of pineapple-infused Hint water in hand, we entered the Madison 8 Agency CBD Lounge to learn how to refresh our bodies and soothe our minds without altering our brain chemistry. Arder Botanicals previewed their spa-quality bath bomb that detoxifies and nourishes the skin while soothing over-worked muscles. To perk us up a bit, they offered us a test-tube full of a CBD-infused botanical Sipping Elixir reminiscent of gin. Gracious Om’s natural skin care featured high quality CBD oil combined with berries, rose, and cucumber. Women-owned Wink’s pain relieving CBD Hemp Balm is a must-have for those of us who spend too much time in heels, hunched over a computer, or at the gym.
   In the sun-filled living room, guests sampled warm almond milk and turmeric smoothies made on-site in the new Thermomix, a recipe-reading appliance that chops, blends, cooks, and counts calories for busy people who would rather enjoy a nutritious meal at home than their umpteenth serving of fast food. Replacing 11 different appliances, the Thermomix may soon be part of the “kitchen of the future”.
   Curly-haired ladies revelled in the tropical scents of nutrient-rich hair care products from Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils. These shampoos, conditioners, and pomades detangle and enhance textured hair without sulphites, mineral oil, petroleum, or heavy oils. Before heading off to the in-suite spa, guests stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the city and enjoyed a cup of coffee while flipping through the pages of their copy of Successful Women’s Mindset by Galit Ventura-Rosen.
   In the dimly but warmly lit spa treatment room, guests spent a quiet interlude being pampered by the æstheticians from Matis, a leading French ‘beauty expert’ since 1936. Their newest lines feature collagen enhancers, hyaluronic acid, and caviar, an ingredient noted for its cell-renewing properties. After the facial, it was time for a makeover, compliments of Pixi Beauty. This reasonably priced, high-quality British brand also offers a complete line of botanical skin care, including a hydrating face mist made from black oats. Canadian Redavid Hair presented a nourishing line of orchid oil hair products. In particular, their Dual Therapy orchid oil leave-in conditioner repairs and replenishes frizzy, curly, and damaged hair without the greasy residue. To top it all off, Nail Garden made sure that everybody left with a lovely manicure with their choice of shade from an array of tasteful colours and neutral hues.
   TMG’s luxury suite wasn’t only about the serenity of celebrities and influencers, however. In a private room off to the side, Well Being Trust invited guests to share their personal strategies for balancing their hectic lives. Well Being Trust is a California-based non-profit foundation that focuses on child and adolescent mental health. They provide support for public schools seeking to expand their mental health programmes.—Leyla Messian, Senior Correspondent


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