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Grace Loves Lace’s bridal face mask contributes to brand’s phenomenal growth this year

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace Loves Lace has managed to keep up with demand thanks to its Australian manufacture, with 48 per cent of its growth coming from the US
November 19, 2020/3.44

Bridal fashion is still a strong sector, based on what’s come across our news desk, but there’s one accessory that’s particularly 2020: the wedding day face mask.
   Grace Loves Lace’s Megan Ziems has created a bespoke lace bridal face mask to match a wedding dress, and has had great interest, especially from the US, for the item.
   The Gold Coast, Qld.-based designer is making the mask from fabric and lace cutoffs from the bridal gowns she normally designs.
   ‘Due to the nature of our on-shore manufacturing, we were able to turn these masks around very quickly,’ she says. ‘Each mask is layered with comfortable, breathable material to ensure there is no irritation on the skin. We do recommend to our brides that they also wear a medical grade mask underneath their bridal mask for full protection.’
   The on-shore manufacturing of Grace Loves Lace’s gowns have also meant no delays in production in Queensland state, where the pandemic has been largely under control.
   ‘Our manufacturing has not experienced delays, like so many other brands. Over 80 per cent of the world’s wedding dresses are mass produced in offshore factories, so very early on with COVID it shone a light on wedding brands that are not honest about their manufacturing process,’ says Ziems.
   Ziems says that her brand continued to grow amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and has continued with Australian and international showroom openings. She opened in the Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney just prior to the pandemic. Grace Loves Lace now has 11 international showrooms as well as its Australian ones. Sales have increased 260 per cent, with 48 per cent coming from the US.

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