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Ledeff celebrates astrology with Zodiac accessories’ collection

NEWS Napoli brand offers a special range of medium-sized and mini bags, and belts and keyholders
February 14, 2022/10.47

Ledeff celebrates International Astrology Day on March 20 with its Zodiac capsule collection of bags, keyholders and belts, featuring the 12 signs of the zodiac.

There is a wide variety of colours—blue, lime, yellow, burgundy, and black among them—while the zodiac signs appear in a gold-finish brass made in ancient Neapolitan foundries.

The Eclittica bags are made of leather with details in velvet.

The collection is inspired by a vintage belt belonging to the grandmother of the founders, sisters Barbara and Luigia de Felice. It was decorated with studs depicting the 12 zodiac signs. The original studs were used as moulds to create new ones.

The collection is available at

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