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Out now: Lucire issue 49, with free shipping for UK and US


Lucire issue 49 out now, as lavish as ever

Memorable editorial shoots, talented international designers with a keen eye for concepts and visuals, and the low-down on indie beauty all come together for one of our most beautiful print issues
June 30, 2024/12.40

Lucire issue 49 cover with model and orange background
Lucire issue 49 cover, photographed by Lindsay Adler, fashion edited by the Cannon Media Group, make-up by Joanne Gair, hair by Linh Nguyen and modelled by Molie Onyongo; gown by Hala Algharbawi from her spring–summer 2024 collection.
Lucire issue 49 is out now, and it’s one of our most beautiful, thanks to shoots from the talented teams of Lindsay Adler, Joanne Gair, Linh Nguyen and Cannon; Beth Follert and Josh Fogel; and D. Andrianopoulos, Gabriel Georgiou and Dimitra Altani. It’s also thanks to two designers who have incredibly inspirational visuals: expat Kiwi Emma Trask, based in LA with the Chrysalis Lab, and Cathleen Reinheckel of Lüllepop. Stanley Moss heads to the Biennale di Venezia, in an article some of you may have seen online, though being in print allows us a more lavish presentation; and Elyse Glickman shows the best of indie beauty from this year’s Adit show. On the cover is Molie Onyongo wearing Hala Algharbawi spring–summer 2024, and we profile this talented Saudi-born, German-based designer who showed at the inaugural Riyadh Fashion Week.

Since you can now order directly from us and we source from the US and UK, there are no more weeks of waiting for a shipment from New Zealand (which was tougher during the first year of COVID-19)—dispatch takes place three days after a UK-based order, and up to seven for a US one. There are no more big postage bills, either—we’re still doing free shipping depending on the edition you order (e.g. the US version has free shipping for US-based customers, but not the global one, which is dispatched free only within the UK).

Once again, we take you on a journey around the world with our latest print issue. Head to, our shop, for easy, secure ordering, and enjoy our latest!

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