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Miksani introduces Carbon Neutral fashion range

August 27, 2009/16.25

We’ve heard of many labels using the eco-fashion tag—after all, Lucire was the first fashion magazine to bring sustainable style into the mainstream, from 2003. Miksani, meanwhile, has gone one further with a Carbon Neutral clothing range for spring–summer 2010, launching at the Pure London Fashion Show.    Miksani says its products have a minimal […]

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Five days in New Zealand with Summer Rayne Oakes

June 11, 2009/10.14

It’s been a wonderful few days chilling out with our ed.-at-large, Summer Rayne Oakes, in Lucire’s home country of New Zealand to promote her book, Style, Naturally.    Summer Rayne was out this way to attend Greenfest in Brisbane, Queensland, and decided that she should venture to New Zealand to see us and to give […]

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Volvo and Vattenfall plan plug-in hybrid, using sustainable electricity

June 6, 2009/10.23

Plug-in hybrids are getting a lot of news lately, and Volvo is the latest to make an announcement. Teaming up with Swedish energy company Vattenfall, the car maker plans a 2012 plug-in hybrid. Vattenfall itself plans to generate the electricity sustainably.    The companies say that the plug-in hybrids would cost €3 per 100 km […]

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Denmark launches clothing with high UV protection

May 1, 2009/9.37

On April 28, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society) launched a campaign against skin cancer, opened by Crown Princess Mary. Danish designers have created a fashion range high in UV protection made with sustainable materials. The clothes have been tested for ultraviolet radiation with the UV-801 test at the Institute of Technology, Denmark. The video […]

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A beer from the edge

April 3, 2009/1.56

Photographed by Parris Bambery Mata, meaning rawness, freshness, edge.    New Zealand-made beer Mata is hand-crafted in a boutique brewery in the eastern Bay of Plenty where some favourite kiwi flavours are combined, including Feijoa, Artesian, and Manuka. (The manuka-styled beer won a gold medal and was a class winner in the 2007 New Zealand International Beer Awards).   […]

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Fergie celebrates birthday with JUZD fashion show

March 23, 2009/22.45

Canadian label JUZD Bamboo Streetwear will showcase its designs at a birthday party for Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas in Miami Beach, Fla. this Friday.    The event will take place as part of Mash Appeal at Dolce Ultralounge and JUZD says its show is the featured one of the evening.    DJ Craze, […]

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Tata Nano’s significance reaches far beyond India’s shores


This morning at our New Zealand bureau, we received a news advisory about the launch of the Tata Nano in Mumbai today.    We expect to have coverage of the launch by this time tomorrow.    The Nano, which we covered excitedly in Lucire in January 2008, represents a positive step for the Indian motor […]

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Insight about the Honda Insight

March 21, 2009/9.46

Above: The 2000 Honda Insight for the US market. [Cross-posted] I get a bit bored of the media—this includes The New York Times today quoting ‘analysts’—saying that the Honda Insight (which got way better mileage than the Toyota Prius, and which was on sale in the US before the Prius) did not succeed because it […]

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Top model Jodie Kidd kicks off Fiat’s EcoDrive

March 18, 2009/11.01

Last year, we said the Fiat 500 would be the Car to Be Seen in—and this year, more people are getting on board the popular retro-styled subcompact car.    After celebrating Barbie’s 50th anniversary with a pink 500 last week (below), Fiat has announced that British top model Jodie Kidd was the first Briton to […]

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