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Stockholm is Europe’s first Green Capital

March 11, 2009/11.01

We were delighted to hear that Stockholm has been named the first European Green Capital by the European Commission.    Stockholm is one of our favourite cities, and even though it never got congested compared to many European cities, the forward-thinking Swedes still implemented a congestion charge. The city has integrated environmental issues into its […]

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Opel shows Ampera, its version of the Chevrolet Volt, at Genève

March 2, 2009/12.43

General Motors intends to overtake the Toyota Prius with its Chevrolet Volt—a vehicle that is an electric car first, with a petrol engine that only kicks in when extended range is needed. (The Prius, in layman’s terms, works the other way round, with a hybrid engine assisting the petrol one—though around town, the Prius tries […]

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Mini E christens power-point for electric cars in Berlin

February 23, 2009/10.43

Another video that came during New York Fashion Week, but which we didn’t want to run as it would have got lost: the Mini E christening an electricity charging-point for cars in Berlin, Germany. For those who feel that plug-in electric cars would be problematic when they run out of juice, BMW and Vattenfall answer […]

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Views from the Medinge Group’s Brands with a Conscience 2009 ceremony

February 22, 2009/0.34

With all that was going on during New York Fashion Week, we decided to delay these videos in case they got lost. They’re from the Brands with a Conscience ceremony at MIP in Paris earlier this month (we detailed the winners here at Lucire in January), which the Medinge Group has been running for six […]

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Summer Rayne Oakes’s Style, Naturally out now

February 4, 2009/10.14

By our editor-at-large Summer Rayne Oakes, Style, Naturally is an eco-conscious guide to fashion and beauty, with responsible brands and tips for living sustainably. It’s the most comprehensive and accessible book on the topic—we had a sneak preview a few months ago. Out now; for more information, surf to Summer Rayne’s site at Retail […]

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TOMS Shoes, Rag-bag, Paul Newman among Medinge Brands with a Conscience winners

January 1, 2009/7.42

Above: A 2005 photograph of Paul Newman with ‘Paul’, an eight-year-old Victory Junction Gang camper, during the Las Vegas Champ Car 400. Among the Medinge Group’s Brands with a Conscience winners, announced today by the international branding think-tank, is TOMS Shoes, known for donating a pair to communities in need whenever one is bought. Annually, […]

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H&M and Electrolux discuss CSR

December 10, 2008/11.21

I’ve been preaching corporate social responsibility (CSR) for many years—indeed, most of this century—which is probably why I was invited to the Medinge Group (though its name had not then been coined) many years back. Our first book, Beyond Branding, was a call to action for companies on transparency and integrity, and centred in many […]

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Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package could be great for green

November 10, 2008/9.08

I congratulate Australian PM Kevin Rudd for announcing a A$6·2 billion stimulus package for the Australian car industry. And before you think I am going to go off talking cars again, this is about the environment—something that many Lucire readers care about with our UNEP connection.    Australia has long innovated in the automotive industry […]

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Bond and feminism: our preview of Quantum of Solace

October 30, 2008/12.43

Olga Kurylenko as Camille, entering Medrano’s suite at Perla De Las Dunas, Bolivia, in Eon Productions’ Quantum of Solace. Photographed by Karen Ballard. With the worldwide première of the new James Bond ?lm, Quantum of Solace, almost upon us, we decided to run an article originally destined for the print edition of Lucire online today. […]

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Twenty years of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

October 16, 2008/13.05

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to attend the 20th anniversary of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, officially in the capacity of the publisher of this magazine but also as a political candidate in the next General Election.    US ambassador Bill McCormick and his wife Gail were among the diplomatic guests. I didn’t recognize the […]

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