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Designer snippets: Pierre Garroudi, Panos Emporio, Nicholas Jermyn, Jennyfer

October 24, 2010/11.28

On the main part of the Lucire site, two stories about European designers. First, Pierre Garroudi might hail from Teheran, but he has a workroom in London, which our photographer Doug Rimington visited. It’s a beautifully shot story, as you can imagine from Doug.    Secondly, Panos Papadopoulos, a good friend of this magazine, celebrates […]

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Ralph Lauren, Luxe Boutique open online stores in UK

October 14, 2010/12.27

This was the sort of news item that would come in via the press release wires and be easily missed: ‘Polo Ralph Lauren will further extend its e-commerce reach with the launch of in the United Kingdom this October.’    It’s taken 10 years for the ecommerce site to cross the Pond, with the […]

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La Martina opens at Emirates Mall

October 11, 2010/12.23

Argentinian label La Martina has opened a second flagship shop at the Emirates Mall, following an earlier one at the Dubai Mall.    La Martina’s owner, Lando Simonetti, says the opening was prompted by ‘double-digit growth in most prominent markets … including the UAE.    ‘Our UAE sales are higher than many other major global […]

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Miromoda gets stronger for autumn–winter ’11

September 27, 2010/2.43

Miromoda’s catwalk show is in its second year at New Zealand Fashion Week. From the comments of those waiting in line to get into the tents, it was worth waiting a week to see and is always awe-inspiring and innovative. The selection of winners chosen to showcase at this year’s presentation was the best to […]

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An explanation for the political ads on Lucire

September 21, 2010/11.00

New Zealand readers will be seeing a few advertisements around this site relating to the local body election in Wellington. And perhaps, thanks to programming not always being precise, a few more readers outside New Zealand will notice them, too, although we have targeted them for this country alone. I think it’s time to explain […]

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Levi’s, H&M announce ban on sand-blasting

September 8, 2010/8.22

Two of the best known fashion brands in the world have announced they will implement a ban on sand-blasting on all their future product lines.    Hennes & Mauritz AB and Levi Strauss & Co. say they want to eliminate sand-blasting as an industry practice.    Sand-blasting creates a worn look for denim and other […]

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UK firm creates Naomi Campbell blood diamond game

August 16, 2010/9.31

For most of the trial of the dictator Charles Taylor, who is facing war crimes’ charges in Den Haag, we decided not to cover supermodel Naomi Campbell’s bit-part in the case.    The main reason was that it trivialized the Taylor case. The man is accused of serious crimes against humanity, including murder, the use […]

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Le Faire brings more stylish fashion to online buyers in New Zealand


Above Luela and Evil Twin are two of the labels stocked at new online shopping destination, Le Faire, the brainchild of Pauline So. We’ve known Pauline So for some time and were delighted to hear that she’s behind a new venture, the Le Faire online store.    ‘I love shopping online, and found it a […]

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Dispatches: Rupert Sanderson, Sylvie van der Vaart and Ria van Dyke

August 8, 2010/13.46

For those getting their updates via RSS, Australian-based writer Cassandra Murnieks has interviewed British shoe designer Rupert Sanderson. Her excellent story appears in the online edition as a feature this week here. If you missed it earlier, Sopheak Seng’s Kowtow spring–summer 2010–11 review is also in the main part of the Lucire site. (There is […]

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The Thread Loop raises funds to support marginalized women and children

August 2, 2010/23.53

New Zealand’s first online eco-fashion retailer, the Thread Loop, has partnered with GVN Foundation’s annual fund-raiser, Eat So They Can (ESTC), to raise funds to support marginalized women and children in Africa, Asia and South America. The Thread Loop will donate 10 per cent of its profits from every sale between now and October 17, […]

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