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Adam & Eve, March–April ’08

March 22, 2008/22.40

We’ve cooperated on a few pages with Adam & Eve. Raquel Olivo, who has a shoot that appears in Lucire no. 26, provided us with a stunning one shot in Malibu, Calif. For whatever reason we didn’t run this one—probably because it didn’t ?t with our themes—but with Raquel’s permission we found a way to […]

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Is Vogue’s April 2008 cover racist?

March 21, 2008/1.02

Vogue’s April 2008 cover with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and Gisèle Bündchen has been branded by some as being racist. As noted by the Plain Dealer over in Cleveland, Ohio: LeBron shares the April cover of Vogue magazine with supermodel Gisele Bundchen. It’s been noted by some that his open-mouthed screaming face and the […]

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In the archives: Sonia Gray, 2005

March 6, 2008/11.22

I’ve been doing a bit of clearing out of old CD- and DVD-ROMs here at head of?ce and among them was a shoot from 2005 by photographer Janet Liu. Obviously, as it was unpublished, she retains copyright in this image and I’m putting it up only for critiquing purposes—and to give Janet a small promotional […]

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Fellow publishers, do you go through this?

February 28, 2008/19.36

I can’t believe it: yet another stylist’s letter making the rounds in NYC that we have no knowledge of. Again, I won’t name the stylist, but if you are going to go around with a letter that bears my name and signature, I’ll give you one bit of advice: get the postal code right. Copying […]

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Checking the StarNow Australian Model Search entrants

February 24, 2008/22.41

I’ve logged in to the StarNow site to see who has added their names and portfolios to the Australian Model Search that the agency is running.    I am happy to note that there are more ladies over 30, plus a handful over 45. To those ladies, I say: good on you.    There is […]

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In our mail this week: Peter Alexander catalogue

February 16, 2008/5.30

From the “I don’t know how we got on to their mailing list” ?le is the autumn–winter nightwear catalogue from Australian label Peter Alexander. We do ?ick through it and we don’t consider it unwanted mail: after all, in our business, we should know what’s on offer. The reason it rates a mention this month […]

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Maximizing your chances in the StarNow Australian Model Search

February 12, 2008/4.50

I began checking out some of the entrants in the StarNow Australian Model Search. While my judging doesn’t begin till the public votes in its favourites and we get to the ?nal 20, the folks at StarNow wanted me to take a glance to see the calibre of entrants.    Yesterday, I did have one […]

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Naomi Campbell: modelling more racist than ever

February 7, 2008/5.36

Supermodel Naomi Campbell says the fashion industry is more racist than ever.    Campbell hit out at the lack of black faces on magazine covers and catwalks.    She told The London Paper: ‘Women of colour are not a trend. That’s the bottom line. It’s a pity that people don’t always appreciate black beauty. In […]

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The StarNow Model Search press release


Creating a successful career in the glamorous world of modelling is the dream of many Australian models, but seemingly far out of reach for most. Getting started can not only be expensive, but like the rest of the showbiz industry it is often more about who you know rather than what you know that launches […]

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From the archives: Levi’s, 2007

January 12, 2008/5.36

  This is an image from Levi Strauss & Co., sent to us for our denim special last year. It never ran, and I’ve since learned that the ?le was corrupted—something I was reminded of when queried by an art director about it today. Here it is, ?xed up. While it didn’t run in our […]

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