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Bohème Boutiques kicks off Miami Swim 2010

July 18, 2009/8.19

The IMG Miami Swim shows kicked off with Bohème Boutiques’ show for 2010 taking place poolside, before the official launch party for the collections on Wednesday evening. You may also like Miami Swim 2010, day 4 Miami Swim 2010, day 2 Miami Swim 2010, day 3 L*Space closes Friday’s Miami Swim shows Miami Swim 2010, […]

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Into ’11

July 12, 2009/8.35

Getty Images On the site today: assistant fashion editor Bronwyn Williams talks about trends for 2011. A few weeks ago, we attended presentations from the Massey University trends’ students, and we found that the majority of forecasts they identified were in line with our thinking. Bron elaborates on these more, as well as the key […]

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The new Jaguar XJ in motion

July 10, 2009/5.56

After a heady launch last night at the Saatchi Gallery, here are some videos of the new Jaguar XJ. We begin with a video of the new cars being built at Castle Bromwich, before looking at one of Jaguar’s most beautiful new models in a 360-degree segment. There’s the interior, then the XJ in motion. […]

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Welcoming ‘techfashion’ at W-41

July 4, 2009/9.56

After assistant fashion editor Bronwyn Williams, intern Alice Palmer and I attended the trends’ presentations at Massey University yesterday (which were, incidentally, impressive), it was interesting to see this Dutch label, W-41, embracing another emerging trend: that of combining technology with fashion. At least one group of students touched on this, and seeing it in […]

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A Long Term Relationship with hair

June 16, 2009/13.01

Given the long hair trend is back in a big way, it was refreshing to learn of a new Clairol product especially geared to it. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship has higher conditioning levels, which should guard against damage better. Not bad for a mass-market brand, with shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. There’s a red […]

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Where have all the chat rooms gone?

June 14, 2009/9.50

[Cross-posted] One of the topics raised by Summer Rayne Oakes, author of Style, Naturally and a scientist and strategist in her own right—not to mention Lucire’s editor-at-large—was why chat rooms fell out of favour this century.    During the last week, Summer Rayne and I had plenty of good chats, but this is probably one […]

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Five days in New Zealand with Summer Rayne Oakes

June 11, 2009/10.14

It’s been a wonderful few days chilling out with our ed.-at-large, Summer Rayne Oakes, in Lucire’s home country of New Zealand to promote her book, Style, Naturally.    Summer Rayne was out this way to attend Greenfest in Brisbane, Queensland, and decided that she should venture to New Zealand to see us and to give […]

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Volvo and Vattenfall plan plug-in hybrid, using sustainable electricity

June 6, 2009/10.23

Plug-in hybrids are getting a lot of news lately, and Volvo is the latest to make an announcement. Teaming up with Swedish energy company Vattenfall, the car maker plans a 2012 plug-in hybrid. Vattenfall itself plans to generate the electricity sustainably.    The companies say that the plug-in hybrids would cost €3 per 100 km […]

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Azra Duliman is Miss Sweden 2009

May 19, 2009/11.47

Azra Duliman is the new Miss Sweden 2009, crowned on May 15 at the Scandinavian Congress of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.    Duliman is a 23-year‐old law student from Stockholm, with experience from working with young immigrants and engaged in human rights. She has a multicultural background, and said she would take the opportunity to spread […]

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Twitter ratios of the rich, famous or arrogant

May 2, 2009/1.28

[Cross-posted] If a Twitter presence is de rigueur in 2009, then who is using it as a tool for generating dialogue and connecting with stakeholders?    A few weeks back, I posted my top 10 reasons for following someone on Twitter. While not everyone agreed with the 10, I dare say that the majority struck […]

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