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Commonsense Organics

April 2, 2009/7.14

The organic industry has boomed over the last few years and it seems like a new organic product appears on store shelves daily. Personally I find it a tad overwhelming and I am continually weighing up whether or not certain organic foods and products are worth that extra penny. Finacial reasons aside, it really comes down to personal preference and whether or […]

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Keeping fit the Cirque the Soleil way with Reebok

February 26, 2009/23.02

Cirque du Soleil was the subject of a large article in the first Twinpalms Lucire in Thailand, but we didn’t expect it would really get in to fashion. Enter Reebok, which has followed up the Step Reebok programme of the late 1980s with Jukari Fit to Fly, an exercise routine developed with the circus arts’ […]

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Thumbs-up for Angelina Jolie’s breast-feeding

October 11, 2008/11.02

I was surprised to read in Entertainment Weekly that there is still controversy over public breast-feeding in the United States.    I largely agree with Mike Bruno at EW with his reactions to the cover of Advance Publications’ W, where actress Angelina Jolie is shown in a ‘private’ photograph breast-feeding her baby. The initial reaction: […]

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