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Kathy Ireland to release first novel, Fashion Jungle, based on real-life experiences

November 14, 2019/11.09

Above: Rachel van Dyken and Kathy Ireland. As if building up a multi-million-dollar fashion and home licensing enterprise and her philanthropy weren’t enough of a follow-up to a highly successful modelling career, Kathy Ireland can now add novelist to her list of credits, with her first title written with the number-one New York Times best […]

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Serenity on the Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 retreat in Thailand

June 6, 2018/23.40

Alan Raga Miss Universe New Zealand’s 2018 retreat in Thailand continued its first leg in Bangkok, with finalists heading out from their base at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel on day two to the nearby Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, for a lunch and dessert. More photo shoots took place from the afternoon, before returning to […]

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Lana Del Rey releases Tropico, announces name of next album

December 5, 2013/11.44

Lana Del Rey’s much-anticipated 30-minute film, Tropico, was released on Vevo today.    The singer, playing a modern-day Eve, stars alongside model Shaun Ross.    The original preview in Lucire detailed a three-part story of sin and redemption. The three parts take place in four scenes: the Garden of Eden, the stripper club, the robbery, […]

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