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Lana Del Rey releases Tropico, announces name of next album

December 5, 2013/11.44

Lana Del Rey’s much-anticipated 30-minute film, Tropico, was released on Vevo today.    The singer, playing a modern-day Eve, stars alongside model Shaun Ross.    The original preview in Lucire detailed a three-part story of sin and redemption. The three parts take place in four scenes: the Garden of Eden, the stripper club, the robbery, […]

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Lana Del Rey’s 30-minute film, Tropico, débuts December 5

November 22, 2013/9.00

Lana Del Rey will début a 30-minute film, Tropico, on Vevo on December 5, which stars the singer as the Biblical Eve.    It is a three-part story on ‘sin and redemption’, beginning in the Garden of Eden and ends in modern-day Los Angeles, says Interscope Records, which is behind the release. It will feature […]

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