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Toronto Fashion Week

by Samantha Potes
Photographed for Lucire by Jason Ward

A  WEEK of Canadian fashion has come and gone, but memories of a winter past and foreshadowing of a romantic autumn-to-be lingers on. The fall–winter shows at L’Oréal Professionnel Toronto Fashion Week were about nostalgia and mystery, romance and exuberance. It was an eclectic mix of many different inspirations, bringing a wide range of fashion ideas for the time most dear to the hearts of Canadians: fall and winter.
   The Canadian collections were highly anticipated and well attended. Shows drawing the largest crowds were the opening night's crowd favourites, Hoax Couture with their customized trophy BMW Auto Couture competition entry; the New Labels’ show and Vendredi Québecois—a tribute to French Canadian designers on the closing day.
    Trends in Canadian fashion for fall 2002 include embroidered leather belts, wools and silk for daywear and sheer organza silk and embroidered lace for the evening. Coats are long and luxurious, sweeping with a lot of movement. Long skirts are “in” again, with three-quarter length and full floor-length hems getting plenty of runway time. Long asymmetrical hems also had a strong showing, giving the micro-mini a bit of a winter break. And what Canadian winter would be complete without wool knits? They were also very popular with designers and are bigger and chunkier than ever before.
   Each show had a different “little something” to show off, and Lucire was there to bring you the latest in Canadian fashion.

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Above left: From the Ana Kuzmanic collection. Left: Lucire’s front-row seat, from which Toronto correspondent Samantha Potes wrote her reviews of some of the shows

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