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MARCH 23 marked Levi's ‘Free to Move’ launch at the Pioneer Studios, Sydney.
    ‘Free to Indulge’, ‘Free to Choose’, and ‘Free to Move’ are among the slogans emblazened around the Australia–New Zealand markets as Levi's gears up to win market share for winter 2000.
   Levi's is placing a strong emphasis on individuality with an TVC, print and POS campaign that provides a window into the lives of everyday people, proud of who they are regardless of descrimination. It is a campaign suited to the more progressive, positive nature of the 2000s—and very much in keeping with this magazine's ‘It's about being yourself’ principle.
   The campaign, featuring Phumi, Kevin and André—and their attitude—was shot against vivid blue skies and minimalist spaces to promote the new message of freedom.

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Levi's Free to Move Levi's Free to Move Levi's Free to Move
Levi's Free to Move Sydney
The Levi's Free to Move launch, Sydney. The emphasis was away from the traditional lines towards Levi's non-denim collection, focusing on different products compared with other markets

Levi's Free to Move Sydney Levi's Free to Move Sydney
Broadway Levi's Free to Move Sydney

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