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On stage - photo from Georgia

   In total, over 1,000 jean aficionados turned up to the three events organized by Levi Strauss in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.
   The Melbourne launch on March 28 at the Events Warehouse (shown on this page) and the Auckland Art Gallery launch two days later saw a similarly large splash for winter 2000.
   The range of clothing was far more than the single product that use to carry the brand's name. Instead the focus was placed on their Non-Denim collection: casual Ts, jackets and three-quarter pants with urban prints and designs.
   The energy and spirit theme plays on the innovative winter 2000 cuts, fits, detailing, and design.
   These make the jeans not only more comfortable to wear, but more directional.
   Colourful and strong, Levi's has come a long way from the wall of noise campaign that carried their ‘Riveted’ campaign. Instead, they have captured a freshness and freedom that will carry a new generation.

M A R K   B E R R Y

If Sydney can have fun during the Olympic year, then Melbourne can just as much—if not more so. From the Events' Warehouse, Levi Strauss showcased ‘Free to Move’ to the Victorian audience, culminating in a finalé at the Art Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand on March 30.

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