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Lucire August 2004

As a gift to our readers over the last seven years, it’s the August issue of Lucire, as a PDF. We took all your feedback and made an even better magazine, as we prepare for our October 4, 2004 launch. In return, we want your feedback on how we can deliver exactly the fashion magazine you want (and you can be in to win)—and please help us spread the word!


ABOVE: Chezvan wears the Pearl black satin stitched evening duffle coat. Cover photographed by Stratton Heron, assisted and styled by Amanda Dorcil. Make-up by Katie/Vada. Hair by Leonie Ferguson/Vada. Modelled by Chezvan/62 Models.

Initial capTS DOWN TO YOU, our readers. Thank you for being there with us for the last seven years—because it’s your loyalty that’s propelled us to launch Lucire as a print title on October 4, 2004.
   Just as folks told us the original Lucire could not be done in

October 4, 2004: start spreading the news

Since we’re not backed by a huge conglomerate, email your friends about this page and let them know we want help spreading the word!

Lucire will always remain of, by and for the people—wherever you are!

1997, we’re breaking new ground. As far as we know, no one in fashion has gone from web to print—especially not with a monthly title. But we wish to, because for the last seven years you’ve come to us to tell us that there was something missing out there on newsstands. It’s time to fill that void.
   New Zealanders will be the first to see Lucire on sale every month. It makes sense to begin Down Under: it’s our HQ, it’s one of the most concentrated markets in the world, and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Lucire, too, is New Zealand-owned, even if only 6 per cent of our audience are Kiwis.
   Not that we’re shutting the door to anyone who wants a copy elsewhere. You’ll be able to buy Lucire online and we’ll offer online subscriptions as soon as possible. If your name was on the Lucire mailing list from the beginning (and remains there), we’ll be offering some ridiculously great discounts.
   Remember, we still want to hear from you on how we’re doing, because Lucire lives by its readers. Feel free to feed back your comments to the Lucire StyleTalk forum where we’re making the the magazine discussion totally public. Advertisers, surf over to where we’re updating our print preview site. And just as an incentive, we’ve five, one-year-long subscriptions up for grabs: click here for more information.

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L’Oréal Paris
L’Oréal Professionnel
Universal McCann
Estée Lauder
Panos Emporio
St Tropez
Montana Wines Ltd.
Audi New Zealand
Mercedes-Benz New Zealand
Laura Ming-Wong/Sweet Chilli
Ford Motor Company of New Zealand Ltd.
Craig Campbell/Wellington City Council
Wayne Chipperfield/PMP Digital
Nicky Casey/United Travel Kilbirnie
Nova Models
62 Models
Chérie Stevens
Pixel Workshop Ltd.
Kareen Floyd/WRC
Jones Publishing Ltd.
Ivana Kalafatic/Clear
Sandy McLendon/Jetsetmodern
Edward Talbot/Helen Talbot
Massey University
Greer Hughes
Leanne Moore

Download or read the PDFs now

You will need Adobe Reader to view these documents.

Lucire August 2004 spread
Opening pages: contents’ page, contributors (1,354 kbyte).

Lucire catwalk coverage
Fashion section: editorial, trends by Greer Hughes, Fashion Insider by Stevie Wilson and Jack Yan (1,582 kbyte).

Lucire August 2004 spread
Catwalk pages: Mercedes Australian Fashion Week by Carolyn Enting; Los Angeles Fashion Week by Jack Yan; Toronto Fashion Week and Fashion Week of the Americas by Phillip D. Johnson; feature story in association with UNEP on Gabriel Scarvelli (1,186 kbyte).

Lucire Beauty
Beauty pages: editorial by Stevie Wilson; Style Intelligence makeover; Robert Bolaños and brows; International Make-up Artists’ Trade Show report by Stevie Wilson; men’s grooming by Stevie Wilson (1,395 kbyte).

Hilary Rowland interview
Our people: Hilary Rowland, interviewed by Jack Yan (664 kbyte).

Photographed by Amanda Dorcil
Shoot no. 1: American idol photographed by Amanda Dorcil, assisted by Stratton Heron, styled by Niki Jenkinson, styling assisted by Hannah Sturgiss, make-up by Eithner Curran, hair by Trevor Potter Hair from Veronica Fox Studios and modelled by Céline Muir/62 Models. Scanned by PMP Digital (733 kbyte).

A light exists in spring, photographed by Marcus Weight
Shoot no. 2: A light exists in spring photographed by Marcus Weight/Pixel, photography assisted by Melissa Collow/Pixel, styled by Wendy Henderson, make-up by Chérie Stevens, hair styled by Wendy Henderson, airbrush tanning by Nicola Brockie and SunFX and modelled by Fleur Gaskin/Nova Models. Scanned by David Philpott of DP Creative and by DAC (992 kbyte).

Glow, photographed by Amanda Dorcil
Shoot no. 3: Glow photographed by Stratton Heron, photography assisted by Amanda Dorcil, styled by Amanda Dorcil, make-up by Katie/Vada using MAC, hair styled by Leonie Ferguson/Vada Hair using Rusk and Schwarzkopf and modelled by Chezvan/62 Models (801 kbyte).

Twilight, photographed by Antony Nobilo
Shoot no. 4: Twilight: photographed and produced by Antony Nobilo and modelled by Elyse and Matt/Clyne Models (897 kbyte).

Lucire Life/Style pages
Volante and Life/Style pages: travel editorial by Jack Yan, London cocktails by Pameladevi Govinda, new products, Ford Mustang by Jack Yan, ‘The Scene’ with Matthew Williamson, Anna Kournikova, Panos Emporio in Latvia, Costume Institute gala 2004, Cary Grant centenary and Rock in Rio, astrology by Susan Kelly, ‘First Person’ and permanent make-up tattoos by Nancy Erfan, ‘Report from the Real World’, by our readers (1,648 kbyte).


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